Vehicle Weight (kg)

Break Load (Kg)











This rope converts the kinetic energy of a towing vehicle into elastic potential energy, which greatly assists the recovery of a trapped vehicle without the need for a winch.


– Allows for an even pull during recoveries
– Very useful for flat towing in tight trails
– Stretches up to 20-25%
– Reduced stress to vehicle components compared to static tow straps
– Professionally stitched in the RSA


Even Pull
Rigging a kinetic recovery strap in this manner reduces stress to
the individual recovery points on the vehicle and lessens the
chance of tweaking the frame during difficult extractions.


The Wild Dog 4×4 kinetic recovery strap is the ultimate recovery
rope. During vehicle extraction, the kinetic rope stretches and
absorbs enormous energy from the pulling vehicle. This energy
is then transferred to the stuck vehicle, resulting in an extremely
effective and efficient vehicle recovery.


Shock absorbing
Under max load, a kinetic recovery strap will stretch up to 20-25%.
This stretch helps relieve the jerking action commonly felt during
vehicle recovery, effectively reducing the amount of stress put
through a vehicle and its occupants.



Kinetic straps can be very dangerous if used incorrectly, both to people or property.  Because of the more than 20% stretch of a kinetic strap, the forces created with momentum can easily overcome the breaking limits of anchoring points, connectors (shackles), or the kinetic strap.  The elasticity of the kinetic strap can create a slingshot effect, which can cause serious damage or injury to people.  The manufacturer of these kinetic straps can not be  held responsible for any damage or injury caused.

Basic Principles to keep in mind when using a kinetic strap:

    1. – The first rule is not to expose you or your vehicle to any harm by getting stuck.
    2. – The recovery vehicle must be of similar weight to the bogged down vehicle.
    3. – Only use anchoring points on vehicle that are connected directly to the chassis and are rated by the manufacturer.
    4. – Only use correct size rated connectors (shackles).
    5. – Never use a kinetic strap on a winch or as a winch cable extension.
    6. – Never tie knots in a kinetic strap when connecting it to a vehicle.
    7. – Never use a damaged kinetic strap.
    8. – Add 25% of the ropes length in the direction of pull, make a mark on the ground, and never exceed this distance with the recovery vehicle when pulling.
    9. – Beware of bystanders in the radius of the length of the rope.
    10. – Keep the rope clean and free from sand or grit.